Cricket quotes and sayings

It’s more than a game. It’s an institution.
Thomas Hughes

I tend to believe that cricket is the greatest thing that God ever created on earth…certainly greater than sex, although sex isn’t too bad either.
Harold Pinter

As soon as cricket sees money it loses its moral compass
Michael Holding

Cricket is not illegal, for it is a manly game.
Queen Anne

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Cricket is a game of the most terrifying stresses with more luck about it than any other game I know. They call it a team game, but in fact it is the loneliest game of all.

Most games are skin-deep, but cricket goes to the bone.

Cricket to us was more than play, it was a worship in the summer sun.
Edmund Blunden

Cricket has got to have the courage of its own aristocracy.
Dudley Carew

Cricket is a most precarious profession; it is called a team game but, in fact, no one is so lonely as a batsman facing a bowler supported by ten fieldsmen and observed by two umpires to ensure that his error does not go unpunished.
John Arlott

Cricket civilizes people and creates good gentlemen I want everyone to play cricket in Zimbabwe; I want ours to be a nation of gentlemen.
Robert Mugabe

I do love cricket – it’s so very English.
Sarah Bernhardt

Cricket is basically baseball on valium.
Robin Williams

Many Continentals think life is a game; the English think cricket is a game.
George Mikes

I have always looked upon cricket as organised loafing.
William Temple

Cricket more than any other game is inclined towards sentimentalism and cant.
Sir Neville Cardus

One-day cricket is an exhibition. Test cricket is an examination.
Henry Blofeld

Cricket is the greatest game that the wit of man has yet devised.
Sir Pelham Warner

Cricket is a pressure game, and when it comes to an India-Pakistan match the pressure is doubled.
Imran Khan

Cricket, like the novel, is great when it presents men in the round, when it shows the salty quality of human nature.

Cricket, however, has more in it than mere efficiency. There is something called the spirit of cricket, which cannot be defined.
Lord Tennyson

I’ve always wanted to be one of the top cricketers in the world and I wouldn’t want to be in any other situation. I’ve worked hard and given myself to the game, and this is the result.
Brian Lara

What is Human Life but a Game of Cricket?
Duke Of Dorset

Cricket is like sex films – they relieve frustration and tension.
Linda Lovelace

Cricket was my reason for living.
Harold Larwood

A cricket ground is a flat piece of earth with some buildings around it.
Richie Benaud

I feel when somebody has been playing cricket for a long time, he creates a separate identity for himself.
Sachin Tendulkar

Cricket is a batsman’s game.
Richard Benaud

My point of view is that when I am playing cricket I cannot think that this game is less or more important.
Sachin Tendulkar

Cricket must be the only business where you can make more money in one day than you can in three.
Pat Gibson

I hate losing and cricket being my first love, once I enter the ground it’s a different zone altogether and that hunger for winning is always there.
Sachin Tendulkar