Gambling quotes and sayings

Life is a gamble at terrible odds — if it was a bet you wouldn’t take it.
Tom Stoppard

When a man tells me he’s going to put all his cards on the table, I always look up his sleeve.
Lord Leslie Hore-Belisha

The dice of Zeus always fall luckily.

Don’t be suckered into making sucker bets, unless, of course, you don’t know the difference, in which case you’re a sucker anyhow.
John Gollehon

Take care to sell your horse before he dies. The art of life is passing losses on.
Robert Frost

Luck’s always to blame.
Jean de la Fontaine

The first time a man bets he bets to win. The rest of the time he’s trying to get even.

Most casino patrons’ view gambling as a mix of witchery, mysticism, entertainment and dumb luck. Very few view it the deadly game that it is.
VP Pappy

I must complain the cards are ill shuffled till I have a good hand.
Jonathan Swift

Never contend with a man who has nothing to lose.

With the perverse logic of a degenerate gambler he figured God was testing his faith.
Mario Puzo

It is the mark of an inexperienced man not to believe in luck.
Joseph Conrad

There are no friends at cards or world politics.
Finley Peter Dunne

Scobe’s second law: You never really rejoice at the other guy’s blackjack.
Frank Scoblete

Poker may be a branch of psychological warfare, an art form or indeed a way of life – but it is also merely a game, in which money is simply the means of keeping score.
Anthony Holden

Poker is a lot like sex, everyone thinks they are the best, but most don’t have a clue what they are doing!
Dutch Boy’d

Never gamble in heavy traffic. The cars may be stacked against you.

Industry executives and analysts often mistakenly talk about strategy as if it were some kind of chess match. But in chess, you have just two opponents, each with identical resources, and with luck playing a minimal role. The real world is much more like a poker game, with multiple players trying to make the best of whatever hand fortune has dealt them. In our industry, Bill Gates owns the table until someone proves otherwise.
David Moschella

Illusion is the first of all pleasures.
Oscar Wilde

Marrying to increase love is like gaming to become rich; alas, you only lose what little stock you had before.
William Wycherley

Fortune always will confer an aura – Of worth, unworthily; and in this world – The lucky person passes for a genius.

At that point I ought to have gone away, but a strange sensation rose up in me, a sort of defiance of fate, a desire to challenge it, to put out my tongue at it. I laid down the largest stake allowe-four thousand gulden-and lost it. Then, getting hot, I pulled out all I had left, staked it on the same number, and lost again, after which I walked away from the table as though I were stunned. I could not even grasp what had happened to me.
Fyodor Dostoevsky

Gaming in all its forts is too big an evil for the regulation of positive law. Subject it to that, and the event is, you restrain it not at all; but the honest party suffers doubly; and the knave escapes and triumphs. The former loses, he pays; it is a debt of honour: The latter happens to lose, then the condition is changed: I would have taken, if I had won; but now, I’ll pay you in law. This is gaming very high indeed; tends to a monopoly; enhances the price of one of the necessaries of life; and therefore merits all the discouragement we can give it.
Lord Mansfield

For although Claudius had been accused of gambling and drunkenness, not only were no worse sins laid to his charge, but he had successfully established some claim to being considered a learned man.
Frederic William Farrar

Luck sometimes visits a fool, but it never sits down with him.
German Proverb

Some people will gamble on anything. Now they’re saving money with the hope that it’ll be worth something someday.

I’m absolutely gonna win it, because I’m ruthless. I sit at the poker table and my job is to destroy people.
James Woods

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself — and you are the easiest person to fool.
Richard Feynman

If you don’t play, you can’t win!

When you’re betting and you win, naturally you have that satisfaction, and the profit.
George Soros

It’s going to finish when I fold my hand and go up to the big poker game in the sky.
Al Alvarez

I believe in luck. How else can you explain the success of those you dislike?
Jean Cocteau

Said, if you’re gonna play the game, boy, ya gotta learn to play it right. You got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em, Know when to walk away and know when to run. You never count your money when you’re sittin at the table. There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done.
Kenny Rogers

I wanted to do an episode about Chuck having a gambling problem. I wanted to portray my addiction on the show. But I think it’s a little edgy for Saturday night.
Fisher Stevens

Yes, I think poker really isn’t gambling.
Al Alvarez

Wine loved I deeply, dice dearly.
William Shakespeare

If you play bridge badly you make your partner suffer, but if you play poker badly you make everybody happy.
Joe Laurie Jr.

It’s been a difficult thing because some great opportunities have come and I’ve just been holding my breath and praying… I’m basically gambling hoping something will come along this season and if not, I don’t know what the future holds.
Charisma Carpenter

As silly as it might seem at first, craps is not just a game of cold probabilities and memory-less dice at all times with all shooters. Rather it is a game of ebbs and flows, and rhythms and repetitions.
The Captain of Craps

In Vegas everything is done to make you gamble and forget all else. There is food and drink and music and women – who all play their part in eliminating Methodist principles from your mind.
Sir Clement Freud

The President must stop gambling with taxpayers’ money and get the country back on the path of fiscal sanity.
Tom Harkin

Being able to pit your wits against literally hundreds of other people is really exciting and ultimately the biggest single challenge for a poker player.
Tim Page

Alimony: A gambling debt.

If a man who cannot count finds a four-leaf clover, is he lucky?
Stanislaw J. Lec

They (slot machines) sit there like young courtesans, promising pleasures undreamed of, your deepest desires fulfilled, all lusts satiated.
Frank Scoblete

What the winner don’t know, the gambler understands.
From the song – Straight On

Pitchers don’t pitch perfect games every time out. In fact, each separate roll of the dice to a player who can control them is like a pitch in a game. The good pitchers will consistently throw strikes and have good games, not every time out, but enough that you can say this isn’t randomness or luck.
The Captain of Craps

Inside every banker, even the governor of the Bank of England, there lies a gambling streak. In me, they recognise one of their own kind.
Irving Kristol

Las Vegas is a place where people go broke trying to get rich.

All Blackjack players are experts who are, unfortunately, willing to share their advice for free.
Frank Scoblete

Men have made an idol of luck as an excuse for their own Thoughtlessness.

Trust everyone but always cut the cards.
Benny Binion

There are few things that are so unpardonably neglected in our country as poker. The upper class knows very little about it. Now and then you find ambassadors who have sort of a general knowledge of the game, but the ignorance of the people is fearful. Why, I have known clergymen, good men, kind-hearted, liberal, sincere, and all that, who did not know the meaning of a “flush”. It is enough to make one ashamed of the species.
Mark Twain

The attraction in this city is money, from gambling. What you are if you work here is a shill.
Joe Williams

There is no such thing as luck.
Star Wars

Good luck has its storms.
George Lucas

When in doubt, win the trick.

What I know about poker, you can fit into a thimble with room left over, but I’m learning.
Wilford Brimley

People would be surprised to know how much I learned about prayer from playing poker.
Mary Austin

When I was young, people called me a gambler. As the scale of my operations increased I became known as a speculator. Now I am called a banker. But I have been doing the same thing all the time.
Sir Ernest Cassel