Gambling quotes and sayings

A real gentleman, even if he loses everything he owns, must show no emotion. Money must be so far beneath a gentleman that it is hardly worth troubling about.
Feodor Dostoyevsky

There is nothing that wears out a fine face like the vigils of the card-table, and those cutting passions which naturally attend them. Hollow eyes, haggard looks and pale complexions are the natural indications.

The only man who makes money following the races is one who does it with a broom and shovel.
Elbert Hubbard

Some people are so fond of ill luck that they run halfway to meet it.
Douglas William Jerrold

He had the calm confidence of a Christian with four aces.
Mark Twain

Air power is like poker. A second-best hand is like none at all – it will cost you dough and win you nothing.
George Kenney

I am now eased in my finances and replenished in my wardrobe.
Andrew Jackson

Hold em is to stud what chess is to checkers.
Johnny Moss

You shouldn’t have any betting in the locker room at all, whether it’s baseball or it’s horses. You can’t beat the horses. You can’t beat any kind of gambling because they have the odds.
George Steinbrenner

Initial feedback we got from people was that Poker could and should be a product in its own right. For us, that was definitely a case of us not seeing the forest for the trees since we are Poker nuts.
Tim Page

Fortune brings in some boats that are not steered.
William Shakespeare

I’ve been on such a losing streak that if I had been around I would have taken General Custer and given points.
Joe E. Lewis

Scobe’s First Law: Whenever the count gets really high and you have your biggest bet out, some moron will sit down and win. Scobe’s Corollary to his First Law: The moron who just sat down always gets the blackjack with the minimum bet out. You bust with a huge bet out.
Frank Scoblete

I came to the conclusion long ago that all life is six to five against.
Damon Runyon

Seats will magically appear at your blackjack table when the most obnoxious people enter the casino.
Frank Scoblete

Play is hand-to-hand encounter with Fate.
Anatole France

The champion makes his own luck.
Red Blaik

I could think of worse ways of going than at the poker table.
Al Alvarez

The real things to know is that folks will stand to lose more than they will to win. That’s the most important percentage there is. I mean, if they lose, they’re willin’ to lose everything. If they win, they’re usually satisfied to win enough to pay for dinner and a show. The best gamblers know that.
Pug Pearson

It is morally wrong to allow suckers to keep their money.
Canada Bill Jones

To get it right, be born with luck or else make it. Never give up. A little money helps, but what really gets it right is to never face the facts.
Ruth Gordon

I had always been facinated by the bizarre world of cards. It was a world of pure power politics where rewards and punishments were meted out immediately.
Ely Culbertson

My definition of a good roll is simple: it’s one where the seven doesn’t show long enough to make me money or one where I can make a good profit because there’s a rapid succession of repeating numbers.
The Captain of Craps

As for poker, I’ve stayed away from that, even though when I was in Vegas for Ocean’s Eleven, I would get accosted by these guys begging me to play. They just want to take my money. They see me, think “actor” and see some easy money.
Matt Damon

Fortune favors the bold.

In the absence of any mathematical explanation, one thing is for certain; if you engage in games of chance long enough, the experience is bound to affect the way you see God. Successfully draw to an inside straight three hands in a row, and you’ve got to be blessed. But if you’re the person drawn out on, the one whose trip aces just got snapped for the third time, you will go home feeling cursed.”
Andy Bellin

That the chance of gain is naturally over-valued, we may learn from the universal success of lotteries.
Adam Smith

Nothing is sacred to a gamester.
Bernard Joseph Saurin

Your first duty is to the Game; then come Mother, God, and Country.
Motto at the National Press Club, Washington D.C.

How you play the game is for college boys. When you’re playing for money, winning is the only thing that counts.
Leo Durocher

Nobody is always a winner, and anybody who says he is, is either a liar or doesn’t play poker.
Amarillo Slim

Hold’em – like life itself – has its defining moment. It’s the flop. When you see the flop, you’re looking at 71 percent of your hand, and the cost is only a single round of betting.
Lou Krieger

If, after the first twenty minutes, you don’t know who the sucker at the table is, it’s you.

The most sensible advice that may be given to would-be gamblers, or inventors of systems to be used at Monte Carlo, may be summed up in a single word: ‘Don’t’.
Francois Blanc

With the casino and the beds, our passengers will have at least two ways to get lucky on one of our flights.
Sir Richard Branson

Why not spend your vacation in Las Vegas? You can’t beat the sunshine, the climate, or the slot machines.

I’ve been playing Texas Hold ‘em and other forms of poker since I was about 12.
Richard Roeper

Life is a game at which everybody loses.
Leo Sarkadi-Schuller

Luck is not chance – It’s Toil – Fortune’s expensive smile – Is earned.
Emily Dickinson

I have to confess that I had gambled on my soul and lost it with heroic insouciance and lightness of touch. The soul is so impalpable, so often useless, and sometimes such a nuisance, that I felt no more emotion on losing it than if, on a stroll, I had mislaid my visiting card.
Charles Baudelaire

A little government and a little luck are necessary in life; but only a fool trusts either of them.
P.J. O’Rourke

When fortune flatters, she does it to betray.
Publilius Syrus

I never go looking for a sucker. I look for a Champion and make a sucker of of him.
Amarillo Slim Preston

Noting his mother’s visit to Las Vegas the weekend before she died. “She got to go to heaven four days early.
President Bill Clinton

I love to relive the memories of when I was spry enough to fish the little trout streams. Otherwise, I like to write and play poker.
Tony Hillerman

Las Vegas is where you go the first time for fun — and the second time for revenge.

Most amusements only mean trying to win another person’s money.
Rudyard Kipling

Horse sense is what keeps’ horses from betting on what people will do.

We are already too dependent on gambling revenue. If we continue, we will soon be owned by them.
Donald L. Carcieri

Suckers have no business with money anyway.
Canada Bill Jones

The most dangerous wheel of chance is the steering wheel.

Pre-teens, teens and college students have unlimited access to the Internet – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because of the repeated exposure they have to illegal Internet gambling sites, they fall victim by the thousands.
Spencer Bachus

Insurance. An ingenious modern game of chance in which the player is permitted to enjoy the comfortable conviction that he is beating the man who keeps the table.
Ambrose Bierce

Meanwhile, there’s more poker than soft porn on cable TV these days – and the broadcast networks are getting in on the game as well.
Richard Roeper

Never bet on baseball.
Pete Rose

The smoke in the casino always drifts in the direction of the non-smoker, regardless of which way the air conditioner is blowing. If the non-smoker has a smoker to the left of him and a smoker to the right of him, both their smokes will converge on him. Twenty years later the smokers will still be smoking and the non-smoker will be in an iron lung.
Frank Scoblete

It never hurts for potential opponents to think you’re more than a little stupid and can hardly count all the money in your hip pocket, much less hold on to it.
Amarillo Slim

I have always wondered if the results of the Versailles Conferences would have been different if Woodrow Wilson had been a poker player.
Clyde Brion Davis

I swore I was going to exclusively collect assets and not liabilities for the rest of my life. I swore never to take gambles I couldn’t back up, or that I couldn’t afford to lose. And, I’ve stuck with that ever since.
Tim Blixseth

I’ve always had confidence, but I never let my ego get to the point that I think I’m the superstar, because I know that ego has destroyed many a poker career.
Jim Boyd