Gifts quotes and sayings

Love’s greatest gift is its ability to make everything it touches sacred.
Barbara De Angelis

However, all gifts seem now to be absorbed in one and a man must be either a Preacher or nothing.
Adam Clarke

It takes all the fun out of a bracelet if you have to buy it yourself.
Peggy Hopkins Joyce

Not what we give, but what we share,– For the gift without the giver is bare.
James Russell Lowell

Gifts come from above in their own peculiar forms.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

If you give what can be taken, you are not really giving. Take what you are given, not what you want to be given. Give what cannot be taken.
Idries Shah

Good character is more to be praised than outstanding talent. Most talents are to some extent a gift. Good character, by contrast, is not given to us. We have to build it piece by piece by thought, choice, courage and determination.
John Luther

I have always felt a gift diamond shines so much better than one you buy for yourself.
Mae West

I always try to give my songs as gifts.
Dan Fogelberg

Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.
Bil Keane

Whoever makes great presents (Gifts), expects great presents (Gifts) in return.
Marcus Valerius Martial

Lee’s great gifts are teaching and inspirational guidance, not administration and management.
Cheryl Crawford

Children remind us to treasure the smallest of gifts, even in the most difficult of times.
Allen Klein

Every problem has a gift for you in its hands.
Richard Bach

A woman’s gifts will make room for her.
Hattie McDaniel

I make presents to the mother, but think of the daughter.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Christians need to take the lead in educating people that children are gifts, as my autistic grandson most surely is. By going down the path we’re currently on, we might one day get rid of genetic diseases, but only at the cost of our own humanity.
Charles Colson

Liberality consists less in giving a great deal than in gifts well-timed.
Jean de la Bruyere

Nothing’s as mean as giving a little child something useful for Christmas.
Kin Hubbard

I’ll come to you with gifts of knowledge, wisdom and truth.
Barry White

Of all the gods only death does not desire gifts.

Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.
Garth Brooks

He does not need opium. He has the gift of reverie.
Anais Nin

What we share with another ceases to be our own.
Edgar Quinet

There is only one real deprivation… and that is not to be able to give one’s gifts to those one loves most.

May Sarton

If men are God’s gift to women, then God must really love gag gifts.

He was gifted with the sly, sharp instinct for self-preservation that passes for wisdom among the rich.
Evelyn Waugh

I think one of my greatest gifts is leading worship.
Michael W. Smith

You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.
Bishop Desmond Tutu

To perceive Christmas through its wrappings becomes more difficult with every year.
Elwyn Brooks White

Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.

A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer.

It is said that gifts persuade even the gods.

Each day provides its own gifts.
Marcus Aurelius

To receive gifts is to lose freedom.

If instead of a gem, or even a flower, we should cast the gift of a loving thought into the heart of a friend, that would be giving as the angels give.
George MacDonald

Nothing is so strongly fortified that it cannot be taken by money.
Marcus Tullius Cicero

You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving.

Rich gifts wax poor when givers prove unkind.
William Shakespeare

Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons.
Ruth Ann Schabacker

Life, the gift of nature, Love, the gift of life, a Kiss, the gift of Love.

It is not the weight of jewel or plate, Or the fondle of silk or fur; “Tis the spirit in which the gift is rich, As the gifts of the Wise Ones were, And we are not told whose gift was gold, Or whose was the gift of myrrh.
Edmund Vance Cooke

Give whatever you are doing and whoever you are with the gift of your attention.
Jim Rohn

‘They gave it me,’ Humpty Dumpty continued thoughtfully,…’for an un-birthday present.’
Lewis Carroll

Yes, Mother. I can see you are flawed. You have not hidden it. That is your greatest gift to me.
Alice Walker

Because a Bodhisattva who gives a gift should not be supported by a thing, nor should he be supported anywhere.The great being should give gifts in such a way that he is not supported by the notion of a sign and why ? Because the heap of merit of tha.

God waits to win back his own flowers as gifts from man’s hands.
Rabindranath Tagore

Change always comes bearing gifts.
Price Pritchett

Pleasure is spread through the earth In stray gifts to be claimed by whoever shall find.
William Wordsworth

God’s gifts put man’s best dreams to shame.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning

To give and then not feel that one has given is the very best of all ways of giving.
Max Beerbohm

Life is the first gift, love is the second, and understanding the third.
Marge Piercy

The gift, to be true, must be the flowing of the giver unto me, correspondent to my flowing unto him.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Love. What is love? No word can define it, it’s something so great, only God could design it. Yes, love is beyond, what man can define, for love is immortal, and God’s gift is divine.

What gift has providence bestowed on man that is so dear to him as his children?
Marcus Tullius Cicero

Presents, I often say, endear absents.
Charles Lamb

Music is God’s gift to man, the only art of Heaven given to earth, the only art of earth we take to Heaven.
Walter Savage Landor

For the will and not the gift makes the giver.
Ephraim Gotthold Lessing

The gift of friendship… a willingness to listen… a pair of helping hands… a whisper from the heart. That someone cares and understands.

The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses.
Hanna Rion